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January 23rd, 2021

“By the book” - HLE show how to develop the advantage competently

On Friday, teams HLE and KT Rolster fought in the Korean split. The confrontation was so stubborn that the teams needed a third map. However, a stubborn struggle did not work on it, and Hanwha Life swept away its opponent. Today we will look at how they did it.

The HLE draft is weaker in the early stages of the game, and to compensate for the gap in strength at the start, the guys decided to invade and it ended very well for them.

Developing the advantage on the lines for the red team it was important to turn off the jungler and with a well-placed vision it turned out Lillia could not make a proper impact at the initial stage, but Gekarim definitely contributed to domination until the 15th minute, constantly terrorizing the top lane, and at 10th minute, with a little help from Galio, he was able to kill Yone.

Not without errors from HLE. At the 16th minute Deft misjudged the limits and attacked Gnar. The result of the 1v1 battle was the death of the ADC of the red team, but this did not affect the advantage in any way.

One of the key fights takes place at the 21st minute. Ucal decides to harass Renekton, but does not notice how the lane begins to push in his direction and the enemies are already approaching the place of his return. Thanks to control from Chovy and Morgan, Galio manages to get close enough to catch Yone on the return, and with him gives control over a good half of the team that was trying to protect the mid lane. As a result, 2 kills and the initiative on the map completely passes into the hands of HLE.

Game advantage is evident at the 26th minute, when Galio, having gone unnoticed, goes behind the KT Rolster team and helps them get 3 kills.

The last fight of the match was divided into a mid-lane duel and a 4-on-4 battle. Despite Gnar's gorgeous ultimate, KT failed to turn the game over. They gave too much before.

2-1 in favor of HLE and they are in 4th place in the spring split. KT Rolster are in 7th place with 1-2 games per game.

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