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May 2nd, 2021

BTXL defeated mousesports in the European Masters 2021 semifinals

On the first map, the teams continued to amaze everyone with their non-standard picks. BTXL picked Malzahar to mid, and mousesports took Xin Zhao into the jungle and Seraphine to the ADC position. Due to the lack of AD damage at MOUZ, the Europeans were able to seize the early advantage and at 20 minutes it reached 5 thousand. After 2 minutes BT Excel went to Baron Nashor, Pridestalkr tried to steal the buff, but nothing came of it. Gadget's team stubbornly resisted, but at a key moment they could not take the soul of the sea dragon and gave the second Nashor. BT Excel finish the first card in their favor in 46 minutes.

mousesports continued to experiment on the second map as well: the team's mid-player played Yone, and Gadget and Pridestalkr again played Seraphine and Xin Zhao, respectively. The forester of the team was able to help on the top, as well as pick up two dragons. The teams walked smoothly, but MOUZ continued to take neutral objects. The composition of the German organization gave up the initiative, having made a mistake on Baron Nashor, but took the dragon's soul in 33 minutes. Already in the next fight, they managed to make 3 unanswered frags and regain the advantage. mousesports compare scores in 38 minutes.

On the last map, both teams decided to play with default setups with hypercarries: on the side of MOUZ were Ryze and Varus, and BTXL has picked Orianna and Ezreal. By giving up the first two dragons, BT Excel took the early lead. mousesports won back a little on 4 dragons, but BTXL still had an advantage of 3k gold. The decisive moment was at the 29th minute: BT Excel had a great 3-in-1 fight and took Baron Nashor. After three successful fights, they end the meeting in their favor.

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2-1 in favor of BT Excel and they advance to the grand final where they will fight Karmine Corp. mousesports are in 3-4 place and earn €13,500 in prize money.