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April 29th, 2021

BT Excel beat Misfits Premier at European Masters 2021

Thanks to active actions on the bottom, BT Excel were able to earn FB on the first map, and Hecarim, who came to the gank, helped to consolidate the early advantage. Then the game developed slowly: both teams were farming, taking towers and developing macro strategies. The decisive fight was on the 25th minute, where BTXL were able to exchange 3 in 1, pick up Baron Nashor and the soul of the cloud dragon. The victory dragged on a bit, as in the 31st minute Udyr was able to steal the second Nashor, but the whole team died and the Misfits Premier could not return to the game. BT Excel takes the victory on the first map in 38 minutes.

The second map started with mistakes from the players of the British organization: Markoon and Orome went too far, giving two easy frags to MSFP. On the 17th minute, the French carried out a good fight on the mid lane 4 to 0 and finally consolidated the status of the favorite on this map. The Misfits Premier finish the game in 23 minutes.

Thanks to the mid lane tie and the gank from BT Excel jungler, they managed to avoid a catastrophe on the bot and gave an excellent exchange for first blood in the third map of the match. Misfits Premier made a lot of macro and micro mistakes, allowing the enemy to capture neutral objects and territory. The key moment was on the 21st minute, where BTXL killed 4 enemies without any losses on their side. BT Excel win in 31 minutes.

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2-1 for BT Excel and they will advance to the semifinals, where they will fight against mousesports. This is the best result in the history of the organization. The Misfits Premier are in 5th-8th place, earning €8,000 in prize money.

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