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February 28th, 2021

"Beautiful Rematch" - Match Review G2 vs FNC

G2 meets Fnatic again. Once again, the meeting of principled enemies becomes the central event not only of the day, but of the entire game week. The last time the Samurai had problems with the Internet, and they prevented them from concentrating on the game. Will they be able to win this time?



G2 vs FNC picks after the first stage

G2 vs FNC picks after the first stage

G2 open spades with meta Rell, and Fnatic responds with Alistair. Both supports have a lot of control and survivability, hence we will see a lot of skirmishes on the bot. For the next two picks, both teams open the ADC and the jungle. G2 naturally takes Jhin, as Rekkless shows phenomenal results on this champion and Olaf, Fnatic responds with Lillia and Kalista.

We can immediately note from the first part of the draft that Fnatic are counting on longer fights, and G2 have explosive damage, therefore, they need to finish battles in the shortest possible time.

Final picks G2 vs FNC

Final picks G2 vs FNC

G2 is complementing their draft with Gragas and Syndra, adding some survivability, but still relying on shorter skirmishes.

Fnatic picks Yone to top and Azir to mid. Bwipo himself said on a recent stream that Yasuo's half-brother is a good pick against a rowdy brewer, so Yone's pick was not a big surprise.

A game

Jankos decided to immediately neutralize the weakness on the top in the face of Gragas and together with him killed Yone on the top, earning first blood.

Then, thanks to the clever distribution of control, with the help of Syndra and Rell, he was able to earn a second kill, now on Alistair.

Thanks to the advantage gained after ganking the jungler, Gragas survives on the bot against Kalista and his support, besides, he kills both of them.

The first big teamfight occurs at the 12th minute. Fnatic was able to competently tighten the fight and end the fight in the majority by exchanging 2 on 1, however Jankos was against this and equalized the number of kills in the batch.

On the third dragon, G2 is showing insane synergy. The hero of the moment is Mikyx, who was able to give control to 4 champions of the Fnatic team.

After this fight, G2 finally strengthens their advantage on the map, which is why they take the soul of the fire dragon after another successful teamfight. It should be noted the excellent game from Wunder, with which he was able to almost single-handedly turn off Azir at the very beginning of the fight.

Now Fnatic has almost no way to punish G2 even for gross positioning mistakes. A prime example of this is the moment on minute 23, where Jankos managed to single-handedly kill Yone and Azir.

The game ended at the 26th minute. G2 after Baron Nashor managed to trade 5v1 and demolish the Nexus. The Samurai gave a beautiful revenge.


G2, along with Rogue, ranked first with a stats of 11-2. Two weeks before the end of the group stage, these two teams have already secured their participation in the playoff stage. Fnatic, on the other hand, are in 5th place and still have a chance of not making it to the next stage of the league. Let's remind that only 6 teams go further.

The following team matches:

FNC vs EXL - March 5, 21:00 CET
G2 vs RGE - March 5, 22:00 CET
FNC vs SKG - March 6, 19:00 CET
G2 vs MSF - March 6, 21:00 CET

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