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December 14th, 2019

Astralis win BLAST Pro Series 2019: Global Final

The Danish team of Astralis has conquered the trophy of BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019 in CSGO without dropping a single map. Following their fantastic performance, they earned $350,000 of prize money.

The last BLAST tournament in 2019 was held in Riffa, Bahrain, on December 12-14, being hosted in ISA Sports City that can accommodate up to 7,000 people. There, four best lineups of the season - Astralis, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Ninjas in Pyjamas - battled it out for a $500,000 prize pool.

astralis blast global final

photo courtesy of RFRSH Entertainment

The Danish five kicked off its showing by a match against Liquid, whom they beat with a 2-0 score, though the game itself wasn’t one-sided: 16-12 Nuke, 16-13 Inferno. Incredible performance in this series was shown by Peter dupreeh Rasmussen as he averaged a 1.47 rating (62-33 K-D, 93.3 ADR). After that, the roster led by Lukas gla1ve Rossander faced off against NiP. Just as TL, the Swedes didn’t manage to win a map: 11-16 Train, 8-16 Inferno. This time, Emil Magisk Reif became the MVP of the Bo3 as he scored 1.45 KDR (46-26 K-D, 94.2 ADR).

While Astralis advanced to the grand-final through the upper bracket, Team Liquid prevailed in the lower one. There, they knocked out FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas out of the competition. The European squad was defeated 1-2, whilst the Swedish five lost 0-2. Eventually, FaZe took the last 4th place and earned $15,000. NiP, on the other hand, finished 3rd and secured a $35,000 cheque.

The final clash for the championship title lasted for two maps. Astralis got off to a good start in the series, taking down TL on Inferno (16-11) as they won 11 rounds in the defence. Later, the opponents fought on Nuke. The Danish team scored 7 points on the T side and closed out the map as the CTs at a 16-12 mark. Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz boasted the best statistics in this match, leaving the server with a 1.18 rating (43-36 K-D, 85.4 ADR).

Prize pool distribution:

  • 1. Astralis ($350,000)
  • 2. Team Liquid ($80,000)
  • 3. Ninjas in Pyjamas ($35,000)
  • 4. FaZe Clan ($15,000)

According to HLTV, dupreeh is the most valuable player of BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019. His overall KDR after 6 maps is 1.27. Besides him, three more players of Astralis found themselves in the list of Top 5 performers of the tournament. These are Magisk, device, and Xyp9x, who were also accompanied by Keith NAF Markovic (1.15 KDR).

The RFRSH Entertainment tournaments in CSGO will return in 2020 with the launch of BLAST Premier. Next year, the BLAST circuit is set to play off $4 millions ($4,250,000). Twelve teams - among which are Astralis, Team Liquid, NAVI, and OG - have already confirmed their participation in the events of the Danish company.