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May 3rd, 2021

American team gives up on six-player strategy

TSM have tweeted that Stephen reltuC Cutler is no longer a main roster player for Valorant and is moving to the bench. Already reltuC is considering options to continue his career.


reltuC sent to the bench

reltuC has been TSM player since May 2020, at which point he became a member of the organisation's first Valorant roster. In 2020, TSM was consistently ranked among the top teams, but now the situation has deteriorated. Previously, reltuC is known for playing CS:GO professionally. He has been a player in teams such as: CLG, Envy, Splyce and others. Before reltuC moved to the bench, role of the sixth player on the team was played by brax. From now on, he will be a main roster player.

Roster TSM:

  • hazed
  • Wardell
  • Subroza
  • brax
  • drone
  • Tailored (coach)