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April 19th, 2021

"All Roads Lead to Reykjavik" - A Week in Summoner's Rift

The spring split came to an end and now the whole world froze in anticipation of the Mid-Season Invitational. More about the latest results, team replacements and other news below.

LoL Pro League

FunPlus Phoenix were waiting for their opponent in the grand final, while EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up fought for the second slot. In a tough match, the first-place winners of the regular season beat the Viper team and now they were eager to take revenge for the first round of the upper bracket, where FPX swept them 3-0.

FunPlus Phoenix opened the score for the grand final: Doinb showed incredible performance on Orianna. On the second map, Nuguri made 2 kills on the top, significantly leading his team forward, but RNG, thanks to their competent movements, were able to turn the tide of the game. The third map became a benefit for GALA: the RNG team's ADC managed to win the game almost single-handedly.

This moment hit FunPlus Phoenix's morale a lot and they couldn't show anything on the last map.

3-1 in favor of Royal Never Give Up and they get a ticket to MSI, while FunPlus Phoenix comes in 2nd place and earns $153,353 in prize money as well as 70 Worlds Regional Qualifier Points.

LPL Playoff Bracket

LPL Playoff Bracket

LoL Continental League

The Finals of the Continental League were awaited by many even outside the CIS. Unicorns of Love showed extremely volatile play at the end of the group stage and many wondered, "Are they still the best team in the region or not strong enough?"

The first map started with a 1-on-1 exchange on the bottom lane and CrowCrowd were able to earn an early advantage, but they failed to outplay the UOL lategame setup. On the second map, the Unicorns made an ace in the 12th minute and naturally made the score 2-0 in their favor. CC tried to recoup: they were able to soak the score on the scoreboard and even were leading on map 4, but the fight on the third dragon turned the game upside down. AHaHaCiK on Udyr was able to turn on exactly when it was so necessary. UOL picks up Baron Nashor and finishes in 29 minutes.

3-1 for Unicorns of Love and they go to the Mid-Season Invitational from the CIS region. CrowCrowd take 2nd place and earn a million rubles in prize money.

Playoff Bracket LCL

Playoff Bracket LCL

European Masters

At EM 2021, each team played three matches in the group stage. In Group D, the Karmine Corp team became the sole leader, practically securing their participation in the playoffs. The situation in Group B has become aggravated: 3 teams share 1 place and only G2 Arctic go 0-3 on the last line. In groups A and B, BIG and UCAM Esports Club became the leaders, respectively.

Groups EM 2021

Groups EM 2021

League News

Rumors surfaced last week that Nisqy would leave Fnatic ahead of the summer split and could be replaced by Abbedagge from FC Schalke 04. It remains to be seen whether the German club will be able to retain its place in the LEC.

Reapered joined 100 Thieves. The former Cloud9 coach will coach the team for at least the end of the season.

DAMWON KIA added a player from the academic roster to the main roster. Malrang will be playing mid as ShowMaker's replacement.

Due to the epidemiological situation in Vietnam, GAM Esports will not be able to compete at MSI 2021.


That was all the news for the past week. European Masters 2021 is just gaining momentum. Follow the brightest battles in Europe on the event page and get ready for MSI, which kicks off on May 6th.

See you at the Rift!