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June 16th, 2021

"All In Action" - Week at Summoner's Rift

Hello everyone! Today we will share again the coolest League of Legends news that has happened over the past week with a little: the resumption of the game season in all regions and reshuffles right from the very beginning of the summer. Let's begin!

LoL European Championship

The first week has passed in Europe and its results can already be called unexpected. Misfits took the first position in splendid isolation, who managed to finish the week without a single defeat.

The second place is taken by 3 teams at once: G2, MAD Lions and Astralis. Considering that Zanzarah is playing with a broken hand, this is an amazing result.

Bwipo does not perform well in the jungle, but many analysts say it needs more time to adjust to the competitive realities of this role. Fnatic finished the first week with 1-2 stats.

The temporary replacement of the mid lane at SK Gaming had a strong impact on the team: the roster could not win a single game and managed to lose to Astralis, having the soul of an infernal dragon. Let's see how they will play with their full roster.

LEC Summer 2021 Leaderboard

LEC Summer 2021 Standings

LoL Championship Series

Recall that the organizers of the league in America changed the format and now the results for both splits add up and form the overall standings.

In the second week, TSM missed out on the first place, which they took at the very beginning. 100 Thieves with Abbedagge started to show a high level of play and many believe that this roster can compete with Cloud9 for the title of the strongest LCS team.

Evil Geniuses recovered from a bad start and regained 6th place.

LCS Summer 2021 Standings

LCS Summer 2021 Standings

LoL Pro League

In China, the summer split began without any significant changes: all teams remained their own, except that LGD Gaming, with the arrival of Shad0w, takes the 7th position after 10 days of play.

Royal Never Give Up has not started their summer split yet and are just getting ready to play their first game. It is set for June 18th, with OMG as its rivals.

LPL Summer 2021 Standings

LPL Summer 2021 Standings

LoL Champions Korea

At the end of 6 days of games, Nongshim RedForce settled right after Gen.G. Apparently Peanut and his team really want to get to the Worlds.

DAMWON KIA managed to unexpectedly lose to KT Rolster and are in 7th place. The team is far from being in the best shape since MSI 2021.

Hanwha Life Esports are losing ground: Chovy's team lost both of their games 0-2. Together with HLE, DRX with 0-3 stats are at the bottom of the tournament table.

LCK Summer 2021 Standings

LCK Summer 2021 Standings

League News

Argonavt joins Unicorns Of Love

UOL have completed their squad for LCL Summer Split 2021. Former Dragon Army player Argonavt will play in the ADC position. The final composition of the unicorns looks like this:

  • BOSS
  • AHaHaCiK
  • Nomanz
  • Argonavt
  • SaNTaS
  • Frappii (replacement)

Soligo transferred to the academy

After the first week, Dignitas' midline player, Soligo, was replaced by a player from the academy, Yusui. These line-up changes at the start of the split are caused by the split format change and poor results.

Current Dignitas roster:

  • FakeGod
  • Dardoch
  • Yusui
  • Neo
  • aphromoo


That was all the news for the past week. The summer split is gaining momentum and very soon the first holders of tickets to Worlds will be known. Follow the development of events on the event page.

See you at Summoner's Rift!