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February 23rd, 2021

A Russian in the American team and other February events at Valorant

wippie joined Ghost Gaming

Russian esports player Maxim wippie Shepelev became a Ghost Gaming player in the Valorant discipline. As stated by the organization on Twitter, at the moment wippie is on probation. He became a replacement for zecK, who joined the team in January.

Maxim has been living in America since he was 18 years old. At the same age, he began to actively appear on HLTV as part of various tournaments in that region on Counter-Strike. In three years he managed to play in such teams as Swole Patrol, Chaos, Rugratz and others.

In December 2020, wippie began thinking about leaving competitive CS for Valorant, but was open to offers from both disciplines.

wippie joined Ghost Gaming

Ghost Gaming's lineup:

  • chase
  • dazzLe
  • NiSMO
  • payen
  • wippie

ANDROID became the sixth NRG Esports player

Bradley ANDROID Fodor has become the sixth player on NRG Esports' North American Valorant squad. The organisation made the official announcement on Twitter.

ANDROID has been on the professional scene since September 2020. All that time he has been a player on the Andbox team.

Before joining Valorant, Bradley was a long time professional Counter-Strike player. Since 2015 he has played for Complexity, Envy, Ze Pug Godz and other teams.

ANDROID has joined the NRG

NRG Esports roster:

  • Infinite
  • eeiu
  • s0m
  • daps
  • shanks
  • Chet (тренер)

OG has signed the Monkey Business mix

Cybersport organisation OG have announced the signing of Monkey Business's line-up for Valorant. This was revealed on the team's Twitter feed.

Monkey Business was formed in January this year. A bunch of good players made their mark, so the roster immediately began to perform well, finishing 1-4 at Champions Tour Europe Stage 1: Challengers 1.

OG has signed Monkey Business

Roster OG:

  • aKm
  • elllement
  • uNKOE
  • TviQ
  • OniBy

brax and AZK have left T1

It has been revealed that Braxton brax Pierce and Kevin AZK Lariviere are no longer part of T1 by Valorant. This was announced by the organisation in a tweet.

Both players were first members of the squad that formed in May 2020. There is no word yet on where these players will go.

brax and AZK have left T1

It should be recalled that autimatic recently joined T1. There are currently four players on the roster, it is not yet known when the organisation will introduce a fifth member to the team.

Roster T1:

  • Skadoodle
  • autimatic
  • Spyder
  • DaZeD
  • dd8 (тренер)

Valorant has changed some weapons and characters

On 17 February, Riot Games released a minor update for Valorant. The characteristics of some characters and weapons have been fixed.


  • The mini-map will display the distance from which enemies can see the Intruder Portal thread.
  • The mini-map now displays the distance from which enemies can hear the Uninvited One's teleport sounds.
  • Yoru can now see the mini-map while Spatial Drift is in effect.
  • Yoru's allies can now see enemies during Spatial Drift.
  • Henceforth, Spatial Drift will not block enemies.


  • The maximum number of Absorption and Expulsion charges is now two.
  • Dead enemies that Reyna has dealt damage to in the last three seconds now have spheres of souls dropped, even if Reyna was not hit fatally.
  • Absorption and Exile charges now cost 100.


  • The burning area from the Incendiary Grenade can now be heard better in the background of other sounds.


  • The burning area from Burning Hands is heard better in the background of other sounds.



  • The cost has been increased from 400 to 500.


  • The price is now 1100.
  • In automatic mode, the rate of fire has been reduced from 18 to 16.
  • The maximum bullet dispersion in automatic mode is now from the fourth bullet instead of the sixth.
  • Recoil is now significantly increased after the third bullet in automatic mode.


  • The cost is now 1100.
  • Aiming ratio is now 3.5.
  • Aiming speed is now 10% lower than normal.