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March 4th, 2021

A new challenge for Bandurka in cybersport

Team Singularity have announced on Twitter that Dima Bandurka is the new Valorant squad player. He will replace trexx, who left the team in January. 

Dima has joined Team Singularity

Recall that Dima moved to a new discipline in February 2021, a month after Espada's CS:GO organization was disbanded. Dima is known for playing for YP, Team Spirit, Vega Squadron and Espada.

Уже ясно, что Dima будет отыгрывать на Raze или Sage. Ранее trexx был ключевым игроком на этих героях. В свою очередь, Дима много играет за Raze с момента перехода в Valorant.

Dmitriy Dima Bandurka

Singularity opened Valorant roster in October 2020. At that time, a contract was signed with players from the FishkaVTom team.

The next tournament for the new line-up will be Champions Tour CIS Stage 1: Challengers 3, in which four of the top eight teams will receive $4,375 and a slot on Champions Tour CIS Stage 1: Masters.

Team Singularity's roster by Valorant:

  • Gray
  • NLaaeR
  • Sp1ke
  • insider
  • Dima
  • alexR (тренер)