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June 2nd, 2021

5 reasons to watch LCS Summer Split 2021


Recall: TSM acquired SwordArt from Suning for $6,000,000. This is by far the most expensive deal in North America. The team was unable to show confident play in the spring split, and the support itself was repeatedly criticized by viewers and analysts.

Comparison of SwordArt statistics in 2021 and 2020

Comparison of SwordArt statistics in 2021 and 2020

In a recent interview, he says that he rates the level of play in the opening split at 5 out of 10. Will he be able to prove that this transfer wasn’t an expensive mistake?


Suddenly Cloud9 announced that they are transferring Zven to the academic staff. Despite the dominance in the region, this is not enough for the organization, and the relatively disastrous performance at MSI 2021 forced the final decision on the roster change. Let's hope that K1ng will give the team what it lacks.


Team Liquid are constantly battling Cloud9 for the LCS palm. Despite winning the opening tournament, they failed to beat C9 in the spring split final.

Team Liquid players at bootcamp

Team Liquid players at bootcamp

Liquid decided not to follow the experience of others and kept the roster, refusing to replace it. They don’t need a period of time to play again and find synergy and this is their plus. Will they be able to earn a slot on Worlds with such an advantage? We will find out very soon.


Ever since the two players moved to LCS, they haven't known the taste of winning, even in their own region. Broxah managed to play for Team Liquid in 2020, but young Finn only got into the American division in the last split  and finished 9th without making the playoffs. The guys are starving for the first places and the international scene. Let’s hope they will lead CLG to victory this summer.


EG have kept the title of strong middling in this league: over the past two years, the organization has not dropped below the 6th place, but the players have ambitions to win the LCS at least.



Jiizuke pulled out more than one game in his Orianna this spring, and Impact received the MVP title 3 times throughout the season.

This time they were joined by Danny, a young talent from the academy. There has been little information about the new player so far, but maybe he will be the key to the team's breakthrough?


These are our 5 reasons to watch the LCS Summer Split. In a few days America will begin its journey to Worlds and we will closely monitor the situation in the region to keep you informed!

See you at Summoner's Rift!