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October 30th, 2020

2020: Diretide back in Dota 2- what you should know about event?

7 years later, Valve brought the Diretide event back to Dota 2 and added a new chest. Halloween in Dota has officially begun!

The essence of the event is that you play 5 vs 5 on a new map. Your main goal is to earn as many candies as possible. During the game, the types of creeps change, it is important to kill the "scarecrow", as well as your opponents with full pockets of candy. Roshan will also control your confrontation and sometimes attack one or another team, to stop him you need to give him candy.

After the end of the game, you earn a certain number of points. As soon as you get 100, you get a chance to get some kind of item or chest.

The new chest - Hallowed Chest of the Diretide - contains 60 items of various quality. Starting from simple sets and ending with a rare emblem. Only 5 shooting galleries.

A more detailed overview of the treasure:

It is noteworthy that in order to open the chest you need to buy a key for $2.5.

Many people praise the Diretide event, but the chest sometimes doesn't pay off. For example, Na`Vi mid-player Bogdan Iceberg Vasilenko spent $400 on the purchase of chests and keys, but apart from standard sets he did not get anything, not a single tier-3 item.

30 treasures - max tier 2-item, its so bad. I cant believe that 40 treasure and without tier3-items.